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Year End 2013

As any year ends ‘looking back’ is on everyone’s menu. So too with Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas Message and her brief nod to baby Prince George. However her introspective message was forward looking and advised that this Holiday Season is a time to ponder our own spiritual growth and to consider where we are headed both as individuals and as people in community with those around us.

Wise words to be sure and especially apropos for myself as this year unfolded and I suddenly found myself in the emergency room of a hospital wondering what happened and why. A few hours of pondering while confined followed by a successful escape realigned my frame of mind and spurred me on through a jumbled and ongoing recoupment. There’s nothing like an unexpected pothole to remind me that my path ain’t as smooth as I thought.

Getting back to business, in November I realized that I’d hitched my wagon to the wrong pony and terminated my relationship with Torquere Press, the house scheduled to release my short novel, Rock Creek Ranch, in January, 2014. I’m currently considering alternatives and am committed to a speedy release with the plot and dialog as originally envisioned and written. I don’t write simply to fill pages. My characters have something to say in their own way. It’s their message and that shouldn’t be stolen from them.

Thank you all for your kind comments and support over the past year. To know that my words impacted you with humor or horror, delight or dismay, gives me sufficient reward.