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What began as a ten minute oral storytelling to a public audience over two years ago became a full-length novel!  I talked about Gay guys doing manly things while locked tight ‘in the closet’ to an audience of straights and GLBTQ. I wasn’t sure if I’d get hooted off the stage.

I was about half-way when I got to a plot-twist, several people came to the edge of their seats, there were a few scattered gasps from the gals, some men squirmed.  But they took the journey with me, and I got praise at evening’s end.

Then I tossed the story on the back burner…so many things end up there… until, over dinner with a friend in beautiful Prague, I vowed to tell the story more fully, and Incident at Zhenbao was born, which Blue Ink Review wondered ‘why it wasn’t simply titled Fifty Shades of the Thin Gray Line’.    Let’s see what they say about the sequel coming out in 2014.

Photo of Emory BlackErotic, sensual and spiritual, some call my writing, others add ‘raw and gritty’ as one LA reviewer called RoadTrip, and a corrections officer deemed it a ‘hard-hitting story’ of a Gay alcoholic bad-boy who’s ‘in the closet’, in jail, and destined for the ride of his short life!

‘Who am I?’ wonders Josh, “Why do I feel so alone?”  Many of us wonder too, whether in dun-covered cowboy boots, or an A&F tee, or a military uniform.  Clothes are the mask we wear to advertise who we think we are, maybe not who we really are. Do we really know ourselves?

And do we really know others?  What’s the stuff hidden inside a friend’s mind?  Or our partner’s unborn desires?  Or do we live in denial… and even deny that we deny?

Sex, love and addictions are too touchy for many of us to explore.  But my characters do look inward as they take their journey laced with touches of humor where we watch them grow more courageous as they go.

Enjoy the reads. RoadTrip ends with the statement that “the best is yet to come”, and more will be revealed in future novels.

About Incident at Zhenbao:

Clarion Review:  “Emory Black grabs the reader through staccato language…expertly crafted dialogue rolling at the same fast pace (that) advances the plot like a rock from a slingshot.”

Blue Ink Review:  “Black is a talented writer who occasionally elevates his prose to exceptional…”

From readers:

 “…riveting!…I was hooked!… the book is sexy, smart and touching.” Dane, Arizona

“…vividly explicit!… excellent!… can’t wait to see the movie!” Jed Muir, author

“…their relationship grabbed me at once and wouldn’t let go until the final page.” C.B., Tucson